Hi and welcome to my page.

I have done quite a few things over the last few years!  But at heart I’m a traveller,and now my partner is retired I even more of a traveller! Which is good because my passion is travel writing.

I’ve been playing with websites since 2007 – so from time-to-time I help others develop their websites too.

If you want to check out my Instagram account for up to date travel photos – @lis_sowerbutts.

You know how a builder’s home is never finished? Well the same thing happens to website developer’s websites! This is my “coming soon” page!

Check out some of my client work here

To learn more about my affordable website development check out http://dearjohn.nz

Want to see more of my travel writing? Head to http://NonBoringTravelGuides.com

Seriously, the state of this website is embarrassing! It’s just I keep on taking on client work!